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our story 

Let's make this simple, after spending years searching for great food, we are tired of going to one place for curry, somewhere else for burgers and then another couple of miles for a cuppa and some cake...

as food lovers ourselves, we came up with the brilliant idea to pick some of our absolute favourites and squeeze them into one menu, so there is always going to be something that will satisfy your taste buds! Want to treat yourself with some fried chicken? Not a problem! Prefer to have a curry party with mates? We got you covered. Just want to pop in for some caffeine? Our coffee is freshly ground, bursting with flavour.


Our Goal

We don’t want you to just like our food, we want you to absolutely love it. And to achieve this, we only use expertly selected quality ingredients and implement vigorous quality control measures to ensure that only the best of the best ends up on your dining table.

Great food means great performance, so no matter whether you have essays to write or jobs to complete, we are here to provide you with the fuel you need!

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